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TAGS01- Module flybarless JR PROPO

 TAGS01- Module flybarless JR PROPO
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Referencia: TAGS01
Fabricante: JR Prod
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• MEMS Sensor
• Digital filter (32 bit high-speed CPU)
• Original JR Software
• Direct Setting
• Swash type changing switch
• Swash mixing scanning
• Reverse switches for all channels
• Gain Ajustment for all Channels
• Remote Ajustment for all Channels
• Remote gain (Max.3)
• Sensor extension cable included
• Lead harness LD100 x 5
• Gain Ajustment for all Channels


Main Body: TAGS01-A (37 x 11.5 x 55mm / 21g)
Sensor: TAGS01-A (27mm dia x 10mm / 14g)
Rx Channel: 4ch - 7ch (Swash / 3ch, Rubber / 1Ch, Gain / 1-3Ch)


  • Please note that this product is made specifically for flybarless helicopters. It cannot be successfully used on a traditional flybar helicopter.
  • This product is not an auto-pilot. The function of the flybar in previous helicopter designs is now replaced by this gyro. Because the gyro sensor has a wide dynamic range, outstanding performance can be achieved in acrobatic flight, including 3D flight.
  • With this triple axis gyro, in addition to rudder control, the gyro sensor is also used for swash control. If flight is attempted without correctly setting up the transmitter and gyro, there will be a danger of damage to the helicopter or an accident occurring. Before flight, be sure to confirm the gyro settings including the gyro sensor unit direction, control directions, and limit ranges.
  • When using this triple axis gyro, the servos are working at their greatest performance, so it is normal for servo power consumption to increase. Before each flight, be certain to confirm the remaining battery power.
  • When switching on power to the main unit, do not move the helicopter until the FBL system has initialized. If the helicopter is moved during this period, the control unit will fail to initialize correctly.
  • If this unit is used in an engine powered (nitro) helicopter, please always confirm the unit has initialized before starting the engine.
  • During calibration the gimbals should be moved at a steady speed (
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